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NOTE: All neighborhoods have elements of the ecovillage design template. One forward step is to develop a guide, a matrix, of ecovillage components and systems so that we can more clearly define our own personal, family, friends, associates, etc., variations of community living.

Oesch Environmental Design / Charlottesville, VA.
(Architect for Goose Creek Community)

Plowshare Peace & Justice Center / Grandin Gardens, Roanoke, VA.

Big Al’s Cakery / Cafe / Grandin Gardens, Roanoke, VA.

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange / Mineral, VA.

Greater Stonehenge / Charlottesville, VA.

Floyd EcoVillage / Floyd, VA.

The Oracle Institute / Independence, VA.

A NEW WE is the name of a DVD about ecovillages. The web site is:


GAVIOTAS: “Gaviotas is an ecovillage located in the llanos of the Colombian department of Vichada. It was founded in 1971 by Paolo Lugari who assembled a group of engineers and scientists in an attempt to create a mode of sustainable living in one of the least hospitable political and geographical climates in South America.”



MONDRAGON is a town in the Basque region of Spain that was heavily bombed by Franco in the 1930’s during the Spanish Civil War. They recovered by using the Seven Cooperative Principles of development, including worker ownership, and ownership of all participants as members of financial, educational, and other organizations. The reference here is to the Mondragon “Corporation”, which is in fact a confederation of cooperative enterprises based on the solidarity of labor and sovereignty of people.



DAMANHUR is a federation of communities in northern Italy. It fabulous art, including underground art worthy of being an 8th Wonder of the World. It is a fully formed culture, well integrated with its neighbors and surroundings. Their definition of community, according to a Damanhur ambassador who visited Roanoke a year or two ago, is a building that houses about 15 to 30 people, each with his/her or family private space as appropriate, and generally working and living together for mutual benefits. Such arrangements are revisited and modified annually. Obviously, this is an extended social network considerably beyond the isolation of a nuclear family culture.



The Ecovillages of Ithaca are really three co-housing communities. Co-housing includes clustered housing, vehicles outside living space, a Common house and space, and care for the environment. Generally, co-housing communities have residents who carry on their economic and career lives outside of their co-housing community, which means that there viability is based on the external culture. Co-housing can have sustainable abundance opportunities with their own local food and energy systems. A more fully expressed ecovillage has its own more developed enterprises, thus attaining a higher degree of self-reliance.



THE BINGHAMTON NEIGHBORHOOD PROJECT (BNP) is a group of faculty and students from Binghamton University (BU) that works with community partners to improve the quality of life in our area. The most distinctive feature of the BNP is its scientific foundation. An explosion of basic scientific research relevant to the human condition has taken place over the last few decades, including an integration among disciplines that is ultimately rooted in evolutionary theory. This newly derived knowledge can provide new solutions to a wide range of practical problems. In fact, never before have basic and applied research contributed so strongly to each other.


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